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It’s hard to file a complaint

James Roots, executive director of the Canadian Association of the Deaf, testified before the CRTC (large file) as follows:

With nobody in authority monitoring the captioning, the onus is entirely on the viewer to monitor and file complaints.

While online complaint forms have made the latter task easier, there is still the fact that people watch TV for relaxation. Consequently, they aren’t that much inclined to rouse themselves and reach for the TTY, or to move over to the computer desk to go through the time-consuming process of registering a complaint.

What response do we get when we do file a formal complaint with the Commission? The CRTC asks the broadcaster to respond to us. The licensee tells us that the problem has been fixed, and it will never happen again.

Complaints during an FCC call for comments

In 2005, Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. (TDI) petitioned the FCC in the U.S. to update and extend its captioning requirements.

Some of the responses dealt explicitly with captioning complaints.